Cluster Unit Randomized Trials

5. Pair-Matching

Table 2 lists estimated values of ρM (updated from Donner and Klar, 2000, Table 3.2) for a variety of recently published matched-pair trials. The values reported here clearly indicate that the effectiveness of matching can vary greatly from study to study. For example the HIV prevention trial reported by Grosskurth et al., 1995 generated an unusually high matching correlation of 0.94, while two other community-based trials actually generated negative estimates of ρM. It is also interesting to note that the estimated value of ρM for the COMMIT trial is given by 0.21, barely meeting the criterion given by Martin et al., 1993.

Table 2

Matching Correlations

SourceUnit of Randomization Number of Pairs Outcome Variable Matching Correlation
Stanton & Clemens (1987) Cluster of Families
25Childhood Diarhea Rate 0.49
Kidane & Morrow (2002) Cluster of Villages 12Childhood of Morality -0.39
Thompson et al., (1997)Physician Practice 13Levels of Coronary Risk Factors 0.13
Ray et al., (1997)Nursing Home7Rate of Recurrent Falling 0.63
Peterson et al.(2002) School district 20Prevalence of Smoking0.34
Haggerty et al., (1994) Community 9Childhood Diarrhea Rate -0.32
Grosskurth et al., (1995) Community 6HIV Rate 0.94
The COMMIT Research Group (1995) Community 11Smoking Quit Rate 0.21
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