Social Survey Data Collection

4. Interviewer Training

Stage 3: Survey-Specific Training

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Prior to starting work on a survey an interviewer needs to be briefed about the tasks they will be undertaking.  How this is done will vary according to the complexity of the survey.  For relatively straightforward surveys it may be sufficient to provide interviewers with paper instructions.  Added to this might be an expectation that the interviewer completes a number of practice interviews to familiarize themselves with the survey.

For more complex surveys a face-to-face briefing will be required.  This is where a number of interviewers – usually about 10-15 – are brought together in a classroom setting to receive instruction on a survey.  From a cost point of view it is not usually worth doing this for less than half a day: most briefings will last for a day although for more complex surveys two or three days may be necessary.