Patient-Reported Outcomes

14. Author Biographies

Donald Patrick, PhD was founding president of the International Society for Quality of Life Research and is co-convener of the Quality of Life Methods Group of the Cochrane Collaboration. He works on the assessment of health status and quality of life in application to adolescents, chronic illness and disability, health promotion, evaluation research, underserved populations, and dying and death. He was an original developer of the generic Quality of Well-Being and Perceived Quality of Life Scales, and has developed numerous cross-cultural instruments. He directs the Seattle Quality of Life Group, co-directs the End of Life Care Research Group and teaches the assessment of health outcomes at the University of Washington. He is a special government employee for the US Food and Drug Administration in developing guidance and training for the use of patient-reported outcomes in the evaluation of medical products. He consults widely throughout the world on outcomes assessment.

Gordon Guyatt, MD is a physician and Professor of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He is known for his work on evidence-based medicine, a term that first appeared in a paper he published. He has published over 600 peer-reviewed articles in medical journals. He has also written extensively on health care policy in the popular press. He is widely known for his teaching, mentoring and advocacy. His contributions to quality of life research, randomized trials and meta-analysis have been considered groundbreaking. In 2007, the BMJ launched an international election for the most important contributions to healthcare. Evidence-based medicine came 7th in the line-up, beating the computer. In 1979, Guyatt and Dr. Fred Freedman co-founded the Medical Reform Group, a Canadian organization of physicians, medical students and others which supports universal public health care. Guyatt continues to serve as a member of the steering committee and leading spokesperson for this group.