Software and Qualitative Analysis

12. Resources

Exemplary Qualitative Researchers

Look at research reports by the following excellent qualitative researchers to get a sense of a range of styles, both of analysis and reporting:

Matthew B. Miles and A. Michael Huberman

The authors of the seminal, Qualitative Data Analysis, Miles and Huberman were also prolific researchers, both separately and together. Their work is excellent, and illustrates the methods described in their famous methods text.

Harry F. Wolcott

Wolcott has written numerous excellent books on qualitative research methods, and has been a prolific researcher as well. His ethnographies and other research studies illustrate the methods he explains in his methods books.

Robert S. Weiss

Weiss is the author of the excellent book, Learning From Strangers, 1994, a qualitative methods text that focuses on interviewing. His numerous interview studies are an excellent source of examples of clear and compelling qualitative interview research.

Raymond M. Lee

A methodologist as well as qualitative researcher, Lee has made a particular specialty of doing research on sensitive topics.

Tables 1-7 Credit:

Reprinted with permission from the National Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project. I would like to thank my colleague, Greg McHugo, at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center for helping to identify and providing the site reports from which these displays are drawn. Further information about the project can be found in:

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