Theory Development

7. Who Believes What?

Exercise 4

Narrow down the following demographic categories to find the one that overwhelmingly supported the Clintons in their respective presidential bid.

When user selects incorrect answer, remediation is ‘That demographic did not overwhelmingly support the Clinton’s. Please choose again.’

US voting population
First click: Select Gender – Male or Female: Female (select female to sort into a smaller voting block)
Second click: Age – over 40 or under 40: Over 40 (select over 40 to sort into a smaller voting block)
Third click: Marital status – Married or Non-Married: Non-Married (select Non-Married to sort into a smaller voting block)
That’s Correct. Non-married women over forty overwhelmingly supported the Clintons in their presidential bids. Select continue to begin the second part of this exercise.
Fourth click: Sorting the voting population into smaller and smaller groups can offer insight into patterns which may indicate voting preferences. Based on their demographic, select which five of the following might be the primary concerns for this voting bloc?

Drag and drop the five primary concerns into the Primary Concerns box and select “How did I do?”. Additional options include Restart and Show Correct Answers.

The options are: Health care needs, Abortion, Social Security, National Economic Competitiveness, Understanding Their Needs, Job Security, International Affairs, Gun Laws, Social Safety Net, Economic Growth.

Answers: Health care needs, Social Security, Understanding Their Needs, Job Security, Social Safety Net.
When the user correctly selects all five primary concerns remediation is “You got all 5 correct. This is a demographic which has fewer people to rely on, and special concerns about having the government as a fallback resource, about paying for health care, and about feeling that the government is supportive and sensitive to their needs. A little thought will make it clear why they have these concerns, and less interest in other issues.”