Social Survey Data Collection

4. Interviewer Training

Exercise 3

You have been commissioned to undertake a new survey the primary aim of which is to measure household indebtedness. It has been specified that the survey is to be conducted face-to-face and will last approximately two hours per household. Participating households will be asked to complete an expenditure and income diary lasting a month and permission will be sought to link their survey data to administrative records.

Instructions to User:

Your interviewers need to be briefed.

Step 1 of 2: Select the appropriate information to be provided to the interviewers:

  • Overview of the study (Appropriate: This approach only captures general usage in a population but does not adequately identify how many of those individuals have multiple hospitalizations.
  • Specific research hypotheses (Inappropriate: Providing research hypotheses or expected outcomes, may provide unintended bias)
  • Location of respondents to be interviewed (Appropriate: Interviewers will need to understand the scope of their tasks)
  • Sampling procedures (Appropriate: Interviewers will need to know how the sample is selected in order to follow protocol)
  • Selling the survey (Appropriate: Useful to remind interviewers of how to deal with reluctant respondents. Possibly do this as a role play exercise).
  • Detailed discussion of reasons for each question (Inappropriate: Some detail is important, but too much detail is likely to confuse the interviewers who are not expected to be subject experts)
  • Summary of any special procedures that need to be followed, e.g. advising respondents on how to complete the diary, getting their permission to link administrative data to their survey records (Appropriate: As these are not standard procedures, they should be covered in some detail)
  • General field issues and processes, e.g. how often interviewers should be in contact with their controllers, how often they need to send work back etc. (Appropriate: Yes, but these should be standard so only necessary to cover key points).

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Step 2 of 2. Determining best briefing approach:

Assume there are 3 experienced interviewers with varying level of experience specifically on household indebtedness surveys. The survey is 2 hours long and requires capturing data on income. What type of briefing would you plan for your staff?

  • Group Training Session: Correct
  • One on one Sessions: Incorrect

Remediation: While the number of interviewers is small, and they are experienced, this survey is a relatively complex two hour survey requiring sensitive information about income. There may be resistance to answering the survey or important questions within the survey. This study would require role playing, particularly because some of the interviewers have not done indebtedness surveys prior, although they are experienced interviewers.

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