Patient-Reported Outcomes

6. Conclusion: Label What We Measure

Figure 1 shows one attempt to depict the relationship between health concepts and general quality of life, and how determinants from the internal (individual) as well as the external (social and cultural) environment influence the general quality of life.

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In this figure, health status and health-related quality of life concepts include symptoms, functional status, perceptions, and opportunity (Patrick and Erickson, 1993).

In Figure 1, these are depicted as following a linear progression from the most proximal to the individual, symptoms, to the most distal, opportunity. In reality, no such linear progression exists and symptoms may be translated directly to perceptions or opportunity without affecting function. Most important to the figure is the depiction of the determinants intrinsic to the individual and outside the individual indicating that what people report cannot be separated from the personal or sociocultural environment.

Patrick D.L., Erickson P. (1993). Health status and health policy: Quality of life in health care evaluation and resource allocation. New York: Oxford University Press.